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Dated: February 25 2020

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What features of your home will get potential buyers through the front door?  


Sellers spend a lot of time tidying-up and rearranging the interior of their home for potential buyers to view and of course, hopefully buy! However, don’t neglect your front door during the staging process.  As Realtors, we have viewed countless homes, some with an appealing entrance and others that give the impression of a home in a state of disrepair. Seller - put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. When a Realtor arrives with buyers to view your home, they will stand at your front door while the house key is retrieved from the lockbox. This time can work for or against you, depending on the condition of your door and surrounding area.  How to make this unavoidable ‘pause’; work in your favor?

Here are 7 of our top tips:


  1. Clean - wash the door and use a glass cleaner on any glass panels on or around the door. Sweep everything in the surrounding area clean - no cobwebs!


  1. Assess the condition of the door paint. A freshly painted door is one of the least expensive home improvements you can undertake. 


  1. Change the door’s hardware if old/outdated or not functioning properly.


  1. Replace old door mat with one that is simple and unadorned. Choose themed doormats with care. If you live in a coastal community, a doormat that reflects the environment can be inviting and stylish.


  1. Remove excess knick-knacks and potted plants that crowd the entrance. Conversely, if the entrance has a sparse look, a tasteful (seasonal appropriate) wreath or an attractive potted plant brings a feeling of life and Nature to a house. 


  1. Light Fixtures frame a front door and need to be clean.


  1. Replace a door that is damaged and/or malfunctioning


Preparing a house to sell is a big task - don’t be in too big a rush to get your house on the market. Talk to a Realtor, get their professional opinion on what improvement(s) will add to your property’s value and increase its curb appeal.


Take time to make your home shine!


       Authored By:

              Christine Sackett
         EXIT Realty Hilton Head
               (843) 342-3948
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